Related Cases

  • R v KT

    Case conducted at Southwark Crown Court involving the laundering of many millions of pounds into foreign currency.  Value in excess of £25 million.  Defendant acquitted on appeal.

  • R v JP

    JP was the owner of substantial timeshare holdings in the Canaries and had been convicted of fraud following a trial in which he represented himself.  JP faced confiscation proceedings relating to his assets said to

  • R v TJ

    Case prosecuted under POCA provisions involving Money Service Bureaux said to be involved in the illegal laundering of over £60 million internationally.  TJ  principal Defendant operating an MSB for and on behalf of other MSBs

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Criminal Lawyers

Proceeds of Crime

Paul Martin and Co Criminal Lawyers, Romford Essex have been providing representation to those faced with proceeds of crime. Alongside Serious Fraud, Proceeds of Crime is often a linked field of prosecution.

In offences of fraud the defendants usually face counterpart allegations brought under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002, particularly Sections 327, 328 and 329 of the Act relating to the handling of the proceeds of the main offence, i.e. the fraud itself.

In addition however, POCA proceedings arise when a defendant has been convicted of an offence which involves a financial gain on the part of the defendant as against, for example, an offence of violence.

These are proceedings that are designed to ensure that a convicted person does not profit from his criminal acts and gives the State a mechanism by which a convicted person's assets can be confiscated to both compensate victims and ensure that there is no gain in the crime committed by the defendant.

As criminal lawyers in Romford, Essex we not only serve the local area we also provide our services to anyone across the UK. We have years of experience in this field and our understanding of the system, our qualifications, our training and work as criminal lawyers enables us to offer the best defence for you. We successfully provide representation to clients in this field when necessary.  

Whether you need to pay via Legal aid or through private means as criminal lawyers we are completely non-judgemental and we make no distinction between the two as we believe everyone deserves the best defence in order to have the best chance of acquittal.

Our notable cases show many high profile clients that have been astounded by our service and more importantly the favourable results as we completely dedicate our time and energy to ensure we explore all options to give you the best result possible.