Related Cases

  • R v MS

    Described as the largest prosecution of an individual involving firearms crime in Manchester. MS was alleged to be the organiser and financier of a "firearms factory" responsible for the suggested importation and conversion/modification of over

  • R v MC, JC & PC

    Represented all defendants charged with conspiracy to blackmail and conspiracy to make false and misleading statements to Trading Standards. Value involved in excess of £4 milliion. Indictment totalled in excess of 60 counts. All defendants

  • R v SW

    Represented yardie defendant on allegation of murder on appeal. Conviction quashed and awarded compensation from the Home Office on a discretionary basis. Represented in multiple allegation of Rape and Grievous Bodily Harm. Acquitted at trial.

  • R v J & PR

    Two defendants in respect of an allegation that they had shot and killed a rival gang member. Both successfully acquitted at the Central Criminal Court.

  • R v WH & Others

    Serious allegations involving a total of three defendants alleged to have been responsible for the death of an entire family comprising of five victims. Described as being the most extensive police criminal investigation conducted at

  • R v ST

    Defendant charged with strangling his wife. Defendant denied allegation. Defence instructed Professor DJ Pounder, head of department of forensic medicine at Dundee University to examine cause of death. It was established that the victim had

  • R v MP

    Accused of murdering his girlfriend. An alibi was raised by the defendant. Defence investigations revealed that the victim had not been bludgeoned to death as suggested, but had been shot once to the head at

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General Crime - Criminal Solicitors

Paul Martin & Co Criminal Solicitors, Romford, Essex prides itself on offering a comprehensive service of representation for clients from Police Station into the Magistrates Court through to Crown Court and, if necessary thereafter, in the Appellate Courts.

The service we provide as Criminal Defence solicitors is both thorough and detailed utilising all the skills of our extremely experienced and highly efficient team members to ensure the best possible outcome for all of our clients.

At each step, as the case progresses through the legal system, our service caters for the individual needs of each of our clients. This is so for both existing clients and for new clients, who wish to instruct us at any point in time, i.e. after charge at the Police Station or in the Magistrates Court where we have not represented them previously.

We provide representation in the following areas, although this is not an exhaustive list of our available services.

Beyond the investigative stage, we also assist clients in the lower court to include those clients whose cases are simply passing through the Magistrates Court destined for trial at the Crown Court.

In the Crown Court we represent clients in respect of all matters prosecuted at the Crown Court level and provide a tailor made service to ensure that clients have the benefit of appointed in house litigators to prepare their case for trial and the appropriate Counsel to appear on their behalf at court.

Our team of defence criminal solicitors handle the following matters on a daily basis.

In addition to the above list, as Criminal Defence solicitors we also provide representation in the Magistrates Court for persons charged or summonsed with :-

As a practice that specialises in criminal defence litigation, there is no matter that is conducted either at the investigative stage, Magistrates Court or in the Crown Court in which we cannot provide representation for clients.

In addition we can also provide a service in appeal proceedings on behalf of clients as and where necessary.

All of the above services are provided in cases where our clients need the benefit of public funding for their defence, i.e. legal aid.

Paul Martin & Co based in Romford, Essex not only serve the people of Romford and Essex but also as our practice has gained popularity we now we offer our services all across the UK. This has resulted in the representation of some high profile people and cases as we are known as a local firm with national appeal.

We stress again that we make no distinction in the service we provide for clients in receipt of legal aid as opposed to those clients who are funding or have a third party to meet the costs of their defence.