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Key Personnel

Paul Martin

Principal (and Sole Owner)

Paul Martin began criminal defence work at Campion & Co. Solicitors in Walthamstow, East London in 1972. He qualified in 1981 and, thereafter, continued to specialise solely in criminal defence work.

In 1984 he formed his own practice, Campion & Martin, working in Romford, Essex where he remained until 1997 when he was "headhunted" to join a team of prominent South London criminal defece lawyers where he remained for a 5 year period.

In 2002 he returned to running his own practice as Paul Martin & Co. Solicitors and, since that time, has undertaken many high profile cases to include John "Goldfinger" Palmer, Nicholas Van Hoogstraten and Kenneth Noye. In 2007 he appeared as "Lawyer in the News" in the Law Society Gazette for his representation of Harry Redknapp. His most recent high profile case has been in the defence of Peter Storrie acquitted at Southwark Crown Court (2011), who was indicted, originally jointly with others, on tax evasion charges.

As a member of the Very High Cost Cases Panel, Paul Martin is authorised to undertake some of the most serious and complex fraud cases that are prosecuted within the UK.

In addition Paul Martin has also represented clients charged with serious criminal offences.

These offences have related to organised crime and non fraud related matters to include murder, conspiracy to murder,Slavery(first case to be prosecuted for over 100 years) serious drug offences, money laundering, confiscation and appellate work at all levels to include the European Court.

Paul Martin is currently retained for the principal defendantsin cases involving corruption, alcohol and cigarette smuggling. Paul Martin has just conducted the Defence of four Defendants indicted for Rhino horn smuggling. Such is the extent and diversity of the representation that both he and this practice provides.

Email : sandra@paulmartinlaw.com

C. Lee Barton

Senior Leading Solicitor

Lee Barton began Criminal Defence work at Solicitors based in South London in 1996. She qualified in 2000 and continued to specialise solely in Criminal Defence work where she has now gained extensive experience with a large Client following working as both Advisor and Advocate.

In 2002 she was asked by Paul Martin to join his newly formed Criminal Defence Practice, Paul Martin & Co. Solicitors, where she is now employed as Senior Leading Solicitor and Practice Manager.

Lee Barton has undertaken many High Profile cases to include representing Harry Rednapp and the ex Chief Executive of Portsmouth Football Club Peter Storrie who was acquitted before the Southwark Crown Court on charges of Tax Evasion. She has also conducted the Defence of Premiership, International and First Division Footballers successfully in a variety of Criminal Allegations.

Other High Profile cases have concerned allegations of a large scale Conspiracy to Steal from British Telecom before the Bristol Crown Court as well as large scale Conspiracy to Produce Cannabis before the Central Criminal Court.

Most recently, Lee has represented two Defendant's accused of numerous Counts of Trafficking for the purposes of Sexual Exploitation before the Nottingham Crown Court, both of whom were acquitted. This is the biggest case that has been prosecuted of it's kind to date.

Lee continues to represent clients charged with Organised Crime and Serious Criminal Offences to include Murder, Trafficking, Rape, Complex Fraud (to include Precious Metals), Drug Importation, Money Laundering, Robbery and Tax and VAT Evasion (see Notable Cases).

In addition however, Lee has also conducted a number of high profile Enviromental Agency Prosecutions. Such is the range and diversity of the work she undertakes on a daily basis. She also enjoys complex and technical Motoring Offences.

Kay Spurden

Accredited Police Station Representative

Kay began working with solicitors specialising in criminal defence work in East London in 2003 before joining Paul Martin & Co. Solicitors in 2006 as a trainee and assistant to Lee Barton. She gained her Police Station Accreditation in 2010.

Kay represents clients both at the police station and magistrates court for offences ranging from road traffic, public order, harassment, common assault, criminal damage, benefit fraud, possession of drugs and burglary, Kay also has conduct of casework and represents defendants at the Crown Court where she works extensively to secure the best outcome for her clients.

Kay is supervised by Lee Barton (see above).

Kay has shadowed and assisted Lee Barton in relation to very serious criminal offences such as robbery, blackmail, complex fraud, grievous bodily harm, rape and murder in the Crown Court where she has gained vast experience.

Kay is currently in the process of qualifying for her Chartered Institute of Legal Executives examinations.

Sandra Mannock

PA to Paul Martin / Practice Administrator

Dee Spurden

PA to Lee Barton/Franchise Administrator