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Paul Martin & Co. Defence Solicitors

Our firm of Defence Solicitors has successfully been providing services for Criminal Defence for twenty years. We opened as Paul Martin and Co Defence Solicitors in Romford, Essex in 2002 and have grown considerably as we now act for many clients outside our local area and are a "Local Practice with a National Profile" having handled many cases of national public interest as our case portfolio demonstrates. we have represented clients as far afield as Newcastle in the North, Bristol and Falmouth in the West

We are solely dedicated to criminal defence work as each one of us is passionate about providing the right representation in a non-judgemental manner.

All of our defence team in Romford, Essex are totally committed to criminal defence representation and each has an extensive history of working in their chosen field. Our staff bring their qualifications, experience, knowledge and common sense to every case ensuring a holistic service that always goes beyond the book providing you with the best representation possible.

We make no distinction in our representation of clients on a legal aid basis as opposed to cases that are privately funded and have provided approved representation in cases funded by insurers on behalf of our clients. As a team we never take on work that we cannot service to our required standard avoiding being overstretched as many other firms are. it is better to do two cases well than three cases indifferently.

We believe that you deserve our time, patience and complete dedication to your case to ensure that our commitments do not infringe on the range of resources we can offer you on a day to day basis.

We pride ourselves on our reputation which is based upon the abilities of the team members, both individually and collectively.