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    A £23million VAT fraud conducted by HMRC in which CC was the principal defendant and organiser. The fraud was conducted in the South and North of England. Such was the extent of the fraud and

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    A defendant in Operation Rouse involving the prosecution of 27 individuals. This was a series of mortgage frauds conducted throughout the South of England and Wales. Described in its time as the largest mortgage fraud

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    Represented two defendants charged with conspiracy to evade Customs and Excise duty payable on the importation of container loads of cigarettes and alcohol. Case involved corrupt practices by Customs Officers over an 18 month period.

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Serious Fraud - Defence Lawyers

Paul Martin and Co, Defence Lawyers, Romford, Essex are a team of experienced defence lawyers where each member excels in their own area. This is true for serious fraud cases as both Paul Martin and Lee Barton provide a successful specialist service as they represent clients that are charges with serious fraud matters.

Regardless of your income, we can become your defence lawyers as this work is conducted on both a legal aid basis or with private funding. As with our other services we are completely non-judgemental and make no distinction between those who pay with legal aid or by other means as we are committed to providing the best defence to everyone.

In appropriate legal aid cases, Paul Martin is an authorised member of the Very High Cost Cases Panel which enables a limited number of solicitors in England and Wales with the relevant expertise to accept representation in this type of case usually referred to as "white collar crime".

The two areas in which we have particular expertise as defence lawyers are as follows :-

Money Laundering :

These proceedings conducted under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (POCA) involve allegations of serious money laundering and /or conspiracies to conduct money laundering operations.

Paul Martin & Co defence lawyers, Romford, Essex have defended in a variety of these cases (see notable cases) frequently where the values involved have run into tens of millions of pounds not just in the local area but across the whole of the UK.

HMRC Prosecutions :

Again we have substantial expertise in prosecutions conducted by HMRC.

This experience has spanned a period in excess of 25 years on the part of Paul Martin.

For both Paul Martin and Lee Barton, the most recent case conducted in this field was in the successful acquittal of Mr. Peter Storrie at Southwark Crown Court in 2011 on tax evasion charges (see notable cases).

As seasoned, professional and dedicated defence lawyers we bring our expertise, knowledge, qualifications and understanding of the inner workings of money laundering and the HMRC to ensure we provide you with the representation our acquitted clients have enjoyed in the past.